Bunny Mind – Coloured grasses touched with blues and yellows twitch my thoughts away

There are times in the early morning when I can achieve a no mind state fairly quickly. I can close my eyes and see the surface of that thick sea of eternity. Other mornings monkey mind won’t let me be, and I jump from thought to thought: Why didn’t I get everything done yesterday? What will I say today if so-and-so rubs me the wrong way? This coffee tastes weak. Why does my back hurt? Will I ever hear from that publisher?

The past few mornings when I have been stretching my sore back and my stiff arms, or sitting in the garden, the bunny has appeared. I tend to think I’ve already startled him by this point, and he will be taking off, but on the contrary, I seem to have piqued his curiosity. (Do I know what a bunny thinks?)

Each morning he has taken the opportunity to come closer, nibble on weeds or grass and then wander through the garden. He pauses and turns his head sideways to get a good look at me. I wonder, is this my spirit guide? My animal partner? He certainly causes me to focus my attention and leave monkey mind off where it belongs. I wanted to photograph him this morning, but he must have sensed something was up with all the beeping and bleeping of the camera, so he left, casually, but he did depart. He was in this shot, seconds before I took it. In fact he is in the photo but he is somewhere there in the grass, I can tell because the movement gives his location away.

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