Other Publications

My fiction and non-fiction can be found in various literary journals anthologies and newspapers across Canada and the U.S. I am working on two separate collections of short fiction at the moment one under the title French Stories is linked fiction and then a collection of unrelated short stories, as well as a book of creative non-fiction that is a cross between memoir and personal essay.

From French Stories, Johnny Rocket has been published in Prism International, A Line of Credit in This Magazine‘s Great Canadian Literary Hunt, Sophie’s Man in Bent Magazine and Georges in HGMLQ. Read Sugar Daddy in Plenitude Magazine here. I am now looking for a publisher for the completed collection of eight stories.

My non-fiction piece The Short Goodbye placed second in Prairie Fire‘s Non fiction contest in 2012. I have also published two short personal essays in the Globe and Mail‘s Facts and Arguments feature-My Rural Education and The Timeline of Immigrant Lives.

Excerpts from two of my novels have been published in Voice From the Planet (The Catalytic Seduction of Arthur White), and Joyland.com (Alcazar’s House).

Two of my plays, Pink Blood, and Reconciliation have received public readings in Vancouver and Toronto and I am currently trying to find homes for them for further development and production.

And last, but definitely not least, I am thrilled to say that my poetry has found its way to several publications. I have been published in Quill’s “Lust” issue, and in the Queen’s Alumni Journal as a finalist in one of their poetry contests. I also came across an anthology containing at least one of my poems, and now I can’t find the anthology. Aha! I remember! Velvet Avalanche! It is somewhere on my bookshelf, I swear.

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