Morning Coffee – Broad leaves widened waft lazy above soil sprinkled dark with coffee grounds

There is something about getting up early, putting on the kettle, grinding the coffee beans and then paying a visit to the plants outside the front door. It doesn’t always happen that way, but it should. The land is flat and I can see the sun rise orange from the bathroom window. These days the mornings are still and warm. I check the bird feeders and the birdbath. Sometimes the garden has to go neglected–has to wait until later for a good soaking or weeding. But more often than not it gets my attention, these days–deadlines must be extended, submissions delayed. The garden isn’t as much demanding as it demands, if that makes sense.

It seems all the sunflowers I grew from seedlings on our kitchen counter somehow didn’t make it, after being transplanted. But the seeds I carried in my pocket and randomly poked into the ground have taken hold with a vengeance, and if the growing season continues we may be able to use these things for firewood to get us through the winter. The funny thing is they have been the least demanding of water. Perhaps they have found our aquifer and are drinking the well dry. I may have to name them “Audrey” and “Audrey 2” if they get much bigger. They certainly have personalities and do the happy dance when I spray them with the hose.

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