Sleepy good morning fauna sifts its way through day, teaching me stillness

I’m always saying that the morning is my favourite time of day, but I am not the only one. There are hummingbirds now, about four. I always thought there was just one who was very busy. They enjoy almost all of the flowers, not just the nectar bearing ones. I am not sure if they are feeding off of the small bugs or perhaps drinking the bit of dew left before the day warms up. meanwhile the birdbath gets busier as the day grows warmer. Late morning the birds are not as territorial and there will be at least five of them all splashing and sharing the bath. (Yesterday morning I caught a picture of this one, which I believe is some kind of baby bird of prey.) I give them fresh water whenever I can. They seem to appreciate it, although some might say that appreciating and enjoying are things that birds do not do. After all of this activity I head to work and a deer crosses my path. I know there will likely be another and slow the car. I find myself between the two of them –– a mother and a faun perhaps. So I stop the car and we all just look at one another and I grab the camera and start taking pictures out the window. Half the time I wonder whether to grab the camera, or just enjoy the moment as it is. I do a little of both.

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